Joe Kiefer - Fine Art


Wildlife & Animals


My artwork captures the essence and beauty of nature through strong design, texture, and use of color. In my art, I paint familiar subjects from the world around me to show their beauty in an artistic way.

I was raised in the small town of Glidden, Wisconsin where I learned to appreciate nature through my father who depends on the forest for his career as a logger. I spent most of my youth fishing, hunting, and exploring the vast forest found in the area. At a young age, I learned to express ideas through art from my instructor, Brian Long.

I began my education in the field of wildlife biology at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. During that time, I worked for the Forest Service in the Chequamegon National Forest and the Elk Reintroduction Project in the Clam Lake, Wisconsin area.

The desire to make art became overwhelming for me and led me to pursue a career in art. While attending UW-Stevens Point, I had the opportunity to work with the landscape painter, Diane Bywaters-Canfield. I eventually transferred to UW-Madison and graduated in 2002. While living in Madison, I learned traditional techniques of painting and drawing from instructors Chris Gargan and John Ribble. While studying with these artists, I learned painting methods of artists such as Rembrandt, Turner, Monet, Pissarro, and Poortvliet.

I believe in creating art that expresses my passion for the outdoors.  Often, I am looking for setting a mood through tone, light, color, or mist. They are often the fleeting moments that we see in nature that we wish would last all day, but know that their short life is what makes them so special. I use many resources to create my art from plein air painting, photographs I have taken, models I create, and my imagination. My paintings are driven by the world in, on, and around water. As an avid fisherman since age 5, I have always been daydreaming and remember the special times fishing, exploring, and relaxing around some form of water be it a lake, pond, river, creek, or great lake.

I have been part of the Lake Mills community for the past 10 years teaching and creating art. Several galleries represent my art across the Midwest. My artwork can be viewed at and